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Created by Unleashed Genetics

Auto  Pineapple Blue Dwarf  

Auto White Pineapple # Auto Blue Dwarf


Flowering time : 8-10 weeks from seed

Grows : Indoor Outdoor

Height : 60cm-1 meter

Yield : Medium-High

Kind : Regular

This little Lady is the result of crossing the Auto White Pineapple male, with the Auto Blue Dwarf female.
We selected the most stable and beautiful phenos from 50 males and 50 females !
The resulting strain can be proud of, it brings everything a plant needs! First she greets you with a fruity berry pretty strong high, then she pushes you gradually into the couch to chill! This lady is our first Auto project, we took the most fruity sherbet phenos for our Auto battleship to develop this lady. The fragrance of this plant ranges from Pineapple, Blueberry to Grapefruit undertones! Simply delicious.

Screenshot_2019-08-15 Unleashed Genetics